I'm an I.T. Professional working for a security company. I am a hobbyist developer utilizing PHP/MySQL, and developing native Android applications in my spare time. Nearly all of my knowledge has been self-taught. I currently hold an active CompTIA A+ and Kantech certification & and am constantly looking to further expand my education throughout the industry.
Aug 12th, 2014
Over the past month or so, it seems I have been having issue after issue of problems from GoDaddy. I wish I could say it was only their hosting, but I’ve had issues ranging from mod_sec issues in Apache, MySQL issues, Billing issues, to SSL issues. You name it, and in the short period of
forza 5
Dec 22nd, 2013
Whether you’re a hardcore gamer, or just a casual player, the year 2013 has provided an extraordinary amount of interactive entertainment! The appreciation goes to the countless games launched for various platforms, skill levels and genres. Let’s take a peek at the top five recommended games to play for the upcoming holiday season. Forza Motorsport
ppl connect app
Dec 20th, 2013
A tech startup out of Montreal has developed an app, called PPLConnect, with the goal to free users from the confines of their smartphones by creating the first ever virtual smartphone for Android, allowing users to text or call from other devices. With PPLConnect, users can then access their phone’s capabilities and contacts through Google Chrome
Nov 7th, 2013
So just how quickly can you redeem codes on the new Xbox One? Fast enough to fit into a 6 second Vine clip! Microsoft’s well known “Major Nelson” has posted a Vine clip on his blog showing him redeeming a code in mere seconds utilizing the Kinect on the new Xbox One. Say goodbye to typing
google currents
Oct 22nd, 2013
If you haven’t yet heard of Google Currents, then its time to jump aboard the bandwagon! Google Currents is a social magazine app available to both Android and IOS devices that allows users to stay up to date on the latest news from their favorite blogs. The best part (besides being free) is that it
Oct 16th, 2013
I finally took the plunge over the long weekend and picked up the latest copy in the GTA franchise, GTA: V. I played the single player campaign for an hour or so, but once I got a general feel for the gameplay I hopped on to GTA Online to see what all the hype is
Oct 9th, 2013
Ad-Hoc? Infrastructure? If you’re scratching your head after hearing these terms then this is going to be the perfect read for you! Dealing with different types of WiFi enabled IP cameras all day long leaves me explaining these terms on a fairly regular basis to people who don’t necessarily have the same technical background as
android kitkat
Oct 9th, 2013
With all the rumors flying around about the release date of the upcoming Android 4.4 update, aka Android KitKat, I figured it was time to take a step back and see what devices will be likely to get the update first. Almost Guaranteed to get Android KitKat As with almost all previous updates, if you
Sep 24th, 2013
I came across an interesting situation while using Photoshop CS6 the other day. I had just purchased a template for a project I was working on, opened it up in Photoshop but was greeted with an interesting error. “Some text layers contain fonts that are missing. These layers will need to have the missing fonts
Sep 5th, 2013
I will be the first to admit that Blackberry smartphones are among the last smartphone I would ever get. But one nice thing about them is the ability to unlock a Blackberry for free! Today I will be going through step by step on how to unlock a Blackberry 9630, previously locked to the MTS